An Ode to Indian Heritage and Traditionalism

Indian jewellery is enchanting and captivating the hearts of individuals universally by its lavish designs and intricacies, weighty embellishments, and different plans and materials. The glory of ornaments in the Indian subcontinent follows back to a long history.

Over the long run, the rich heritage and magnificence of ornaments, their craftsmanship, methods of craftsmanship, have been impacted by social and political variables. Jewellery and Indian ladies have consistently been an incredible blend and it would be an uncommon sight to see an Indian lady without any piece of jewellery. Decorating a body with numerous jewellery pieces has consistently been one of the significant properties of every Indian woman.

In India, jewellery is only a method for adding sparkle and beauty to feminine grace and elegance. In fact, the grandeur of jewellery holds novelty and is usually worn as a sign of promise to welcome something you look forward to.

Kundan Jewellery
Kundan jewellery is known to be ‘Jewellery of the Royals’ predominant in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The cycle includes making initiatives in the valuable metal, etching the diamonds and stones by setting them in these openings skilfully.

This sort of jewellery is once in a while made of strong metal and is fairly loaded down with Brass.

Traditional Grey Floral Meenakari Kundan Chandbali

Meenakari Jewellery
Meenakari work is typically done on the contrary side of a Kundan jewellery, with the goal that the trimming can be utilized from the sides. It is additionally embellished on all types of jewellery. This craftsmanship of Meenakari additionally had a royal place in the heart of the most powerful and famous Rajasthan’s Raja Mansingh.

The King called numerous artisans and skilled workers from Lahore to Rajasthan with the thought of crafting Meenakari jewellery. It includes the dexterous pouring of the shading on engraved plans or depressions. It is made in shading contrasts that evoking the erstwhile royalties of Rajasthan.

Green Floral Meena Pearl Gold Plated Kundan Ring

Jadau Jewellery
This sort of jewellery was presented in India by the Mughals. The valuable or semi-valuable stones, globules, and gems are implanted in gold trimmings with complete precision and craftsmanship. The craftsmanship requires an astoundingly stunning talented touch and patience. Jadau work includes planning, engraving, dissolving, filling, and plating. To craft a fine Jadau Jewellery, a group of skilled workers gets involved to give it that fine look. Jadau Jewellery is common in the state of Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Kutch areas.

jadau bangles

Colourful stones Jewellery

“The gems have life in them: their colours speak, say what words fail of” – George Eliot.
Ever considered how the littlest things in life give the most extreme joy? We should take colourful stones as an example. A little piece means far beyond affection. It remains as an image of decisiveness and strength. It pours pride and confidence in ownership and implies satisfaction and life without anyone else.

We at Johori, put stock in the contribution of these unique minutes through our interminable assortment of colourful stone jewellery pieces. While there are synthetic rubies, emeralds and pearls for the admirers who need it all.

colourful stone jewellery

Hand-painted Jewellery
Hand-painted jewellery, drew inspiration from folk tales and cultures of India as it’s believed, design and art go hand in hand. Hand-painted jewellery evokes emotions and passes the sentiments of opulence and artisanal indulgence.

Hand-painted Krishna Gold Plated Studs

Each and every hand-painted jewellery at Johori is crafted with the labour of love and compassion of local artisans, as every jewellery has a unique story to tell.

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