Choosing jewellery that suits your skin tone 


It is the one thing that people first observe about your outfit and sits very close to your skin. With jewellery people mostly are concern about their preferences and style. However, there is yet another fact that you need to consider while purchasing jewellery and that is your skin tone. It might have happened many times to you that a piece of jewellery that looks fabulous on your sister might not go on you. The reason for this is your undertone. Certain stones and metals accurately match some skin tones. Here, is the guide through which you will be able to find the perfect jewellery for your tone.

Types of skin tone 

There are 3 main skin tones-

Warm – You have a warm tone if your veins appear to be green

Cool– This skin tone people might have purple or blue veins

Neutral – These people will have tones ranging to both green and blue.

Matching metals to skin tones 

People with cooler skin tones look best in white gold, platinum and silver, all light metals. Whereas, warm skin tones people will look good in rose gold, gold, brass metal and copper. The neutral tone people can enjoy both as all kinds go on their skin tone. Choose Imitation Jewellery Online that suits your skin tone with us.


Jewellery For Warm Tones


Jewellery For Cool Tones

Matching Gemstones to Skintones

We do this to make sure that our jewellery does not look odd when we are wearing it. Sometimes, the metal is not just the focus it’s the gemstone. Your jewellery gives a more cohesive look when the gems in them match your skin tone.

Warm Tone– People having this stone show hues of yellow. It matches well with colours like red, brown, orange, turquoise, and yellow itself. Choose jewellery that has citrine, garnet or rubies.

Cool Tone– It suits best with bright colours as it adds liveliness and brightness to your skin texture. Blue and purple go best with them, therefore, pick jewellery like amethyst or sapphire.

Neutral Tone– Since you are a balance of both, you are free to pick any metal and gemstone of your choice.

If still, you are not able to choose your go-to jewellery then you can always opt for diamond. This is the gemstone that complements both cool and warm tones and can instantly lift your outfit. We cannot forget that at last the whole point of choosing jewellery is to feel unique, beautiful and special. A huge variety of fashion jewellery sets are available for you here to choose the best that reflects your style. Find the best fashion jewellery online that compliments your skin tone.

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