Let’s Get Festive Ready With Peacock Green Navratri Jewellery

Let’s Get Festive Ready With Peacock Green Navratri Jewellery

Navratri Look with Peacock Green Navratri Jewellery


Navratri, a nine-night celebration of divine femininity and empowerment, is a time of vibrant festivities and devout devotion. To honor this occasion, nothing sets the mood better than adorning yourself in exquisite jewelry. This year, let's explore the magic of Peacock Green Navratri Jewellery, handcrafted to perfection, to make your Navratri celebrations truly memorable.


Peacock Green, a mesmerizing shade that symbolizes grace and beauty, is the perfect choice for Navratri. Its rich and regal hue captures the essence of this festival, making it an ideal choice for traditional and contemporary styles alike.


1. The Magic Of The Shoulder Grazing Chandbalis - Handcrafted Festival Wear Beads Bali



Shoulder-grazing chandbalis, adorned with intricate beadwork, are the epitome of elegance. These masterpieces beautifully frame your face and make a statement. Our handcrafted festival wear beads bali in peacock green will add a touch of grandeur to your Navratri look.


2. The Tinkling Bangles - Traditional Festival Green Meenakari Multi-Jadau Balls Bangle



No Navratri look is complete without the quintessential tinkling bangles. Our traditional festival green Meenakari multi-jadau balls bangle is a symphony of colors and craftsmanship. These bangles add a delightful tinkling sound to your dance moves.


3.The Game-Changing Maang-Tikka - Dark Mint Meenakari Festival Wear Beads Maang Tikka Set



The maang-tikka is a game-changer when it comes to traditional Indian jewelry. Our dark mint Meenakari festival wear beads maang tikka set is designed to steal the spotlight. It adds a touch of grace and allure to your ensemble, making you stand out.


4.The Royal Necklace Set - Handcrafted Meenakari Stone Necklace With Earrings



A royal necklace set can transform your Navratri look into something truly majestic. Our handcrafted Meenakari stone necklace with earrings is a masterpiece. It showcases the finest craftsmanship and design, making it a must-have for the festive season.


5. The Subtly Chic Rings - Green Floral Meena Pearl Gold Plated Kundan Ring



Subtle elegance is often the key to timeless beauty. Our green floral Meena pearl gold-plated Kundan ring strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and style. It's a versatile piece that can be worn throughout the year.




This Navratri, celebrate in style with Peacock Green Navratri Jewellery by Johori. Our exquisite collection of handcrafted jewelry is designed to make you feel like royalty during the festival. Whether you choose the shoulder-grazing chandbalis, tinkling bangles, or a royal necklace set, our jewelry is created to enhance your Navratri experience.


Dress to impress, dance with grace, and adorn yourself with the magic of peacock green jewelry. Let the colors of Navratri inspire your style and elevate your festive look. Johori wishes you a joyous and spiritually enriching Navratri celebration!


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